Georg Kilian, Jr.

b:before 1616 - d:before 25 March 1665

The marriage record of Andreas’ father, also named Andreas, said his father was the deceased farmer named Georg Kilian in Schambach. The wife of Georg was not named.

The baptismal records of Georg’s twelve children, including Andreas’ father Andreas, were found in the Hengstfeld church book. The marriage records of four of these children, including Andreas’ father, were found in the Wallhausen church book. All of these records say their parents were Georg Kilian and Apollonia. These records prove Georg Kilian was the North Carolina pioneer Andreas Kilian’ grandfather.

A baptismal record for Georg Kilian dated the 13th of January 1616 was found in Limbach, only 1.9 kilometers from Schainbach. Its wording does not absolutely prove the Georg Kilian, who lived and died in Schainbach, is the same Georg Kilian baptized in Limbach on the 13th of January 1616, but the circumstantial case was compelling and records found later prove they are the same person. Andreas’ grandfather Georg’s baptismal record said he was the son of Georg Kilian and Anna resident in Limbach.

Georg’s burial record, dated the 24th of March 1665, said he was approximately 50 years old at death. If Georg was indeed baptized on the 13th of January 1616, he was 49 years 2 months and 11 days old at death. This Georg’s father, also named Georg, was born in Kühnhard. The Georg Kilian who lived in Schainbach had family connections to Kühnhard. He had a son named Martin, which suggests a connection to the Kühnhard Kilians, who had many Martins in the family. Georg’s son Martin married Barbara Crauß from Kühnhard and his daughter Apollonia married Hans Ebert from Kühnhard. Also the second wife of his son Andreas was named Dorothea Knaus and because of differences in the way names were spelled Knaus and Crauß could be the same family.

Note: This information and much more can be found in the book 'The Forefathers of North Carolina Pioneer Andreas Killian' By William McCreight (2011) and published by AKDHA.