Andrew Killian

Andrew Killian, Jr. is the 6th child listed in the Last Will and Testament of his father Andreas Killian. Based on the order the children were listed in the Will it is believed Andrew Jr. was born about 1735-1736, somewhere between Pennsylvania and North Carolina. He was granted 850 acres of land on Killian’s Creek, Anson County, NC September 30, 1749. He could have been as young as 12 in 1749. This was the same time his father and brothers John and Leonard were granted land. It is noteworthy when the grant was sold Andrew Jr. and his father’s signature both signed the deed of transfer.

Two of Andrew Jr.’s sons, Andrew and Daniel, are listed as heirs in Andreas Killian’s Will receiving Andrew Jr.’s 1/7th share of Andreas’s estate. The mother of grandsons Andrew and Daniel would seem to be the daughter of Simon Jonas. The 1768 Rowan County tax list of William Coles shows Andrew Jr. and Simon Jonas together. Andrew Killian, Daniel Killian and their sister Molly Killian were named in the estate records of John Jonas, son of Simon Jonas. One would wonder why Molly was not named in the Will of Andreas as her brothers were.

This information is provided as clues for further research. We invite you to help us find more information about this branch of our family tree!