Catherine Killian

The name of the eighth child listed in the Last Will and Testament of Andreas Killian is cause of discussion. This daughter is identified in that will as being the wife of James Prithet. The last name Prithet has many spellings: of which are Pritchet, Pritchard, and Prichard. Her given name in the Will can no longer be read. 'Recent research on Catherine Killian suggests her name in Andreas Kilian's Will was 'Trina', a pet name for Catherine, not Brina as originally stated by J. Yates Killian and engraved on the Andreas Killian monument in 1952.' It is believed she was born between 1746 and 1753.

You will encounter the following possibilities regarding her name: Brina, Brinia, Trina, Catherine/Katherine, Catron and Catrina/ Katrina/Katherina (not to be confused with Christianna Killian Barringer. Catrina should not be associated with Christianna).

Surviving records in Burke County, NC suggest she was originally married to Capt. John Dobson who was killed in the battle of Ramsour’s Mill in 1780. She and Capt Dobson would have married about 1768. Possible children of Capt. Dobson include:
Joseph Dobson
Benjamin Dobson
Nancy Dobson (married first: John Jonas, second: Wallace Alexander)
Mary Ann Dobson (never married)
John Dobson, Jr.
Elizabeth Dobson (married Henry Schenck, Senior)

The widow Catherine Killian Dobson would have married James Prithet after 1780 and before 1785. It is not known whether any children were born of this marriage.

Locations for this family:
Burke County, NC
Catawba County, NC
Lincoln County, NC

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