Crate Killian

Crate is the 5th Child of Andreas Killian based on the order in which his children are listed in his Will. She is identified in that Will as Crate Hager. We assume that she is widowed at the time of this Will in 1785, as her name is listed rather than her husbands’.

Most of what we know about Crate is speculative. It is not known for sure where she was born. Best guess for her birth year is 1733-1736. As for her name, Crate is clearly written out in Andreas’ Will. Some speculate that Crate could be a pet name for Margaret.

Oral history has given her husband as George Hager but there is no proof. George Hager’s 1784 Will lists his wife as Margaret. There were 2 Hager pioneers who lived on Killian’s Creek, George and William. Both George and William Hager served in Samuel Cobrin’s Militia with Crate’s brothers Leonard and John.

In the Last Will and Testament of George Hager, he names the following children:
Margaret (minor)

This information is unproven but provided as clues. We invite you to help us find more information about this branch of our family tree!