Elizabeth Killian

Elizabeth Killian Houck was the 12th child of Andreas Killian based on the order in which his children are listed in his Will. She is identified in that Will as being the wife of Michael Houck.

Much of what we know about Elizabeth and Michael comes from his Revolutionary War Pension Application. She was born ca. 1760. Elizabeth and Michael were married about 1781. Michael Houck was born in Bucks Count, PA in 1755 and was received at St. Pauls Church by Rev. Johann Gottfried Arends, August 1776.

Michael served in the military from 1778 to 1780.

Based on census records, we believe Michael and Elizabeth lived in the following locations:
1790: Burke County, NC
1800: Burke County, NC
1810: Haywood County, NC
1830: Monroe County, TN
1840: Benton County, AL

It appears according to census records they had many children. We do not yet have a complete list of names. We do know the name of one son: Enoch Houck born about 1800

In addition to Enoch there could be several unknown daughters and possibly a son, Harvey born about 1808.

We hope this information will provide clues for further research. We invite you to help us find more information about this branch of our family tree!