George Killian

George Killian was listed 7th in the Last Will and Testament of his father Andreas Killian. We believe he was born about 1740 somewhere between Pennsylvania and North Carolina. His wife was Mary Anne but we do not know her maiden name.

George lived for a time in Burke County, North Carolina. About 1782, George moved his family to the Natchez area of Mississippi. In 1789, George received a Spanish land patent on St. Catherine’s Creek in Mississippi. He later moved to Spanish controlled West Florida in present day Louisiana.

They had the following children:
  • Joseph (born abt 1768) Married Mary Ann Huges
  • John (born abt 1770) Married (1) Elizabeth Unknown (2) Mary Goodrail(Goodail)
  • Sara Ann (born abt 1780) Married George Lawing
  • David (born abt 1781) Married Nancy Ann Hughes
  • Nancy Ann (born abt 1782) Married (1) Abraham Galtney (2) Abram Buckles (Buckholtz)
  • George Jr. (born abt 1783) Married (1) Barbara Hooter (2) Mary McRae
  • Priscilla Ann (born abt 1786) Married (1) Sammuel S. Lewis (2) John Wright
  • Mary Ann (born abt 1788) Married Jason Plant

Clearly we have more questions than answers on George Killian and his family. This information is provided as clues for further research. We invite you to help us find more information on this branch of our family tree!