Jean Killian

Jean Killian Lawing is the 4th Child of Andreas based on the order in which his children are listed in his will. She is identified in that will as being the wife of “William Lewin” (also known as Lawing).

Most of what we know about Jean is speculative. We do not know for sure where she was born. The best guess to her birth year is 1731-1734. Andreas arrived in Philadelphia in 1732 so this could place her birth anywhere between Germany and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We are not sure her name is Jean as her name appears with William Lawing as wife Jane and they had a daughter named Jane.

William Lawing received a land grant in 1761 on the east bank of the Catawba River. It is believed they married around that time. Her family was the only Lawing family in North Carolina prior to 1790.

William Lawing died between 1812 and 1819 in Warren County, Tennessee. We do not know if Jean was alive at that time.

The known children of William and Jean Killian Lawing are:
Andrew (married Obedience Bradshaw)
Jane (married Solomon Stansbury, bond 22 FEB 1791)
William (married Susanna Robeson, bond 08 SEP 1791)
Ann (married Benjamin Allen, bond 14 JAN 1797)
Mary Sallie (married Thomas Thomson, bond 09 JAN 1796)
Samuel (married Isabella Tassey)

This information is provided as clues for farther research. We invite you to help us find more information about this branch of our family tree!