John Killian

Info 5/3/2008 Additional records from the Erzberg Lutheran Church indicate the baptisms of: Translation of Johann's Baptismal Record: Saturday, 24 September 1729, Andreas Kilian, day laborer in Steinbach and his wife Margaretha born Fischer, a legitmate born son was baptized and named Johann. The godfahter was HanĂŸ Lang, share farmer in Arzbach.

Info: Notes from Wayne Milam John was born about 1724-26 in Germany. He was awarded 1000 acres of land on Leepers Creek April 13, 1749, in what was then Anson County, North Carolina, at the same time his brothers Leonard and Andrew were awarded or granted their property on Killian's Creek. John's property on Leepers Creek was adjacent to his brother Leonard whose land was on Killian's Creek. This could have been around the present day Mariposa community. 1000 acres covers a lot of territory. Jan. 1st and 2nd 1754, John Killion of Anson Co. to Jacob Brown of same (lease s5, release £32 Va. money) land on south side Cataba, on Leapers Creek, 1000 acres granted to Killion 30 Sept.1749. John was a single man at this time. On 17 May 1754, John was granted 157 acres of land on the west side of Killian's Mill Creek.

John married Ann Elizabeth Zimmerman about 1759. Elizabeth's husband Michael Zimmerman died in 1758 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Michael and Elizabeth had two children, Michael Jr. and Catherine. On 25 Jan.1765, John sold his 157 acres of land to James McCombs of Pennsylvania, for £34. His wife Ann was named on the deed. The witnesses were James Ramsey, John Ramsey, and Henry Hendry. He bought 200 acres of land from Mathias Beaver in 1766 that was on Clark's Creek. This land was at that time in Rowan County, North Carolina.

In 1773, he was appointed Constable of Rowan County. In 1774, John was replaced as Constable by his neighbor, Thomas Winkler. The area where John and Thomas lived became Burke County. In 1782, John was granted 172 acres on Clark's Creek. In 1788, John signed a petition for where he lived in Burke County to become part of Tryon County. Also in 1788, John was heir of 1 shilling from his father's estate. In 1795, John and wife Elizabeth deeded 141 acres to son Jacob. (Lincoln County DB17 page 237). Catherine Zimmerman married Daniel Smith. Daniel is listed in the will of Elizabeth Killian. Catherine must have been dead at the time Elizabeth made her will, since she is not listed in the will. This will can be found in the state archives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is dated Mar.1, 1802. Jacob, her son, was named executor of the will.

If John was born in 1725, then he was about thirty four years old when he married. Was this John's second marriage? One would think he would have married at a younger age. This is the only known marriage of John. I have not found where John and Elizabeth married.

John Killian died about 1798-99 since he is not in the 1800 census. A land record for Bostian Cline dated 1801 states that Bostian's land was on a branch of Lyles Creek and adjacent to John Killian Sr., deceased. I do not know when Elizabeth died.