Margaret Killian

Margaret Killian, Info 5/3/2008 Additional records from the Erzberg Lutheran Church indicate the baptisms of: Translation of Anna Margaretha's Christening Record: Monday 29 April 1726 Andreas Kilian, weaver and resident of Steinbach and his wife Margaretha born Fischer, christened a legitimate daughter with the name Anna Margaretha. Anna Margaretha Steger and Leonhardt Steger, blacksmith and Schutzverwandten in Wildenholz were named as witnesses and god parents. (This is the same blacksmith Leonhardt, the surname translated as Steyern, mentioned in Leonhardt's baptismal record.)

Margaret married John Michael Price. Michael was born 9 Oct.1718 in Offenbach, Germany and died in 1802 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Both Margaret and Michael are buried in Wall Cemetery in Montgomery County, Virginia. It is thought that Margaret married Michael in Virginia and that she did not go to North Carolina with the Killian family.

Group picture of those attending the Margaret Killian Price tombstone dedication on October 15, 2011.

Some pictures taken November 2008 at the home place of Margaret Killian Price in Virginia.