Samuel Killian

Samuel Killian, the second child of Andreas Killian and second wife Mary Beaver/Cline’s 4 children. Maiden name of Mary needs more research as to ascertain the correct name.  Samuel was born about 1756, based on what information we now have, in a part of Lincoln County which later became Catawba County, North Carolina. Samuel is named in his father's will along with his brother Daniel, to provide for their mother, whose name was Mary, and was to share with Daniel, one half of Andreas' land.  In 1778 when Samuel Killian was about age 22 he signed a petition for their area in Burke County to become a part of Tyron County.  In about 1784, he married Barbara Hager and together they had 10 children. According to the Lincoln County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of January 3, 1808 it shows where Barbara and David Killian were granted letters of administration of the estate of Samuel Killian, deceased.  Samuel Killian's estate was divided in 1813 (Lincoln NC DB 25 p206-211) and his minor children had guardians appointed, or chose guardians that year (a minor age-14 or over could choose a guardian, according to Kathy Sullivan).  This lets us assume that Samuel died sometime in late 1807 and probable bury in Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church along with his brother Leonhard.  When he died, Catawba County did not exist. It was organized in 1842 from land previously a part of Lincoln County. Therefore, Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church, which is now in Catawba County, was, at the time of Samuel's death, located in Lincoln County.

In the 1768 tax list by William T. Cole, Andrew Killian had 4-taxables, three white 'polls' and one Negro male (age-12 or above). It’s presume that the three 'polls' were Andrew (Andreas), George, and Daniel. Samuel would have been under age 18 and not counted (b.abt1756). This evidently was before either George or Daniel (1787) married. In 1787, Samuel was bondsman for his brothers Daniel's marriage to Osly Baker. In 1796, Samuel witnessed the will of Margaret Killian, wife of his brother Leonard. In 1804, Samuel, along with others, was appointed by the Lincoln County court to divide the land of William Whittenburg, deceased, among his children. Samuel Killian was taxed in Lincoln County, NC in 1805 (Jacob Cline's District) 1-white poll & 546 acres.

Samuel Killian served as a Captain in the militia during the American Revolution Based on information in the Southern Campaigns of the American Revolutions <> website. He was probably 'elected' as Capt. of his militia unit by the other members and not necessarily appointed as a regular army officer.

Charles Baker United States under General Charles McDowell whose brother Joseph was the Col., Sammie Killian was the Capt. and Joseph McDowell a cousin of the Colonel's was the ...

Elias Baker <> in the second service - and that Beall [Bull?] Baker& Samuel Killian were of his mess in the third service- That he was born in …

S7485 Andrew Shook <> he served a campaign against said Indians in the company commanded by Captain Samuel Killian in the regiment of Colonel Joseph McDowell in the expedition commanded by General Charles ...]

His father Andreas and brothers John and Leonhard also served in Captain Samuel Corbin's Militia. Fifty six members of Captain Samuel Corbin's Militia are known to have settled in present day Lincoln and Gaston Counties, North Carolina. In the listing found on the below website, all fifty six are given, and numbered 1 through 56, and each man's number may be located on the map to ascertain just where they settled.

The children of Samuel and Mary Killian are: Elizabeth, who married William Herman; Sallie, who married John Gross; David who married first Catherine Cline, second, Christiana Deitz, and third wife was Parthenia Cartwright; William, who married first Elizabeth Bost, second, Orlenia last name unknown; Frederick, who married first, Anne Gross, second, Catherine Lutz; Barbara, who married David Bost; Polly, who married Daniel Herman; Samuel, who married Lucinda Hill; Joseph, who married Regina Bolick; and Andrew, who married Sophie or Sophia Reece.

Five of Samuel's children are found in Warren and Grundy County, Tennessee and Dade County, Georgia. They are Sallie Gross, in Grundy County, William, Elizabeth Bost, Samuel Jr., in Warren County  and David who went from Dade County, Georgia to Clark County, Arkansas between 1850 and 1860.

The above information comes from research done by Wayne Milam, Gene Killian and William L Hines.

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