DNA Project

The AKDHA hopes to grow the Treasury in order to expand our activities we feel will support our mission. One of those projects we feel is important and growing significantly is DNA research.

DNA research supports oral and written history as well as filling gaps in paper trails. In the 1800's, wooden courthouse structures and their historic documents were often lost to fire.

DNA can track migratory patterns in colonial families where no documentation exists. The surname Killian and various spellings appear prominently in both Ireland and Germany. DNA could prove if these are connected.

Colonial women are extremely difficult to track. For example, Andreas Killian is assumed to have had 2 wives but we have yet to prove it. A living female descendant of his oldest daughter and a living female descendant of his youngest daughter could be tested. Through mitochondrial DNA comparison of these 2 women, we may learn if they were of the same mother.

We initially plan to start with a budget of $500 to subsidize or pay for DNA kits for individuals: a) whose DNA markers could be of historical and educational importance to the Killian DNA Research Project and b) who are willing to participate in the project and c) who may need financial assistance in the purchase of the DNA kit.

Once implemented, this project will depend on the financial goals and expenses as approved by the Board each year for its' continuance.